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Drought is an Effect of Climate Change

A drought is a long period of abnormally low rainfall, especially one that is harmful to agriculture and the ecosystem. In some cases, it may have a devastating impact on living conditions and the local economy, particularly in developing countries.

The length of a drought could range anywhere from a few months to several years. Often, they will cause mass migration as people will try to pursue a better quality of life.

The United Nations reports that every year, an area of fertile soil the size of Ukraine is lost due to drought, as well as deforestation and climate instability.

Drought is one of the many effects of climate change. However, it should be noted that droughts should not be confused with desertification, another consequence of climate change.

Moreover, droughts will cause:

  • Dust bowls
  • Dust storms
  • Famine
  • Malnutrition
  • War over natural resources
  • Social unrest
  • Animal migration (and increase in animal attacks)
  • Wildfires
  • Shortage of water needed for industries

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