My Facebook Page “Climate Change Guide” has been the target of a series of hacks from climate change deniers since August 2018. This has caused me a lot of anxiety and the problem has not yet been solved. It is now January 2021, about two and a half years since the first hacking event.

I am pretty sure they are climate change deniers because on at least one occasion they had posted info that spread climate change denial. However, most of the time they post spam which includes inappropriate images. I believe they are a group of sophisticated hackers who are purposely trying to sabotage my page.

I’ve worked on that page since 2011, a few months after I started my website in August 2011. When my page was at its peak in around 2016, my page was able to reach millions of people per month. Now, however, my page reaches only thousands per month. The sabotage over a long period of time definitely took its toll on my Facebook Page Climate Change Guide.

Trying to Reach Facebook

Since August 2018, I have been trying to reach Facebook in many different ways. I tried emailing them, calling them, sending a letter to them, and doing multiple reports in the Facebook help section. None of this worked.

On top of that, I got a friend of mine who lives near the Facebook headquarters to actually go there and make an official report in person on more than one occasion. However, even this did not seem to work.

There were times in which Facebook temporarily removed the hackers from my page. Unfortunately, the hackers came back not long after. The hackers are able to change the page roles on my page and they are able to make themselves admin. More specifically, they seem to be infiltrating my page via a Facebook business account and are able to bypass 2 step authentication. Also, changing my passwords doesn’t seem to stop hackers from getting control of my page.

I strongly believe that there is a serious security flaw for Facebook pages and on top of that, they do not have adequate customer service to deal with these events. Therefore, I decided to create a petition.

Created a Petition on Avaaz

I created a petition on the website Avaaz in order to spread awareness about this particular problem. You can sign and share the petition with this link:

I think that petitions have the potential to make real change. In fact, the website Avaaz has accomplished many victories with its various petitions over the years. I hope that enough people sign and share my petition in order to make a significant difference.

Climate Change Deniers

On my website, there is a page specifically on climate change deniers.

What people don’t realize is that fossil fuel companies spent over a billion dollars in just three years after the Paris Climate Agreement on lobbying and disinformation campaigns.

Actually, from the source, “This research finds that, in the three years following the Paris Agreement, the five largest publicly-traded oil and gas majors (ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP and Total) have invested over $1Bn of shareholder funds on misleading climate-related branding and lobbying. These efforts are overwhelmingly in conflict with the goals of this landmark global climate accord and designed to maintain the social and legal license to operate and expand fossil fuel operations.”

These organizations have a huge influence on politicians and the media, including social media. There are also people who are hired to spread denial on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These people tend to have multiple accounts that they use to spread denial.

It’s not a big surprise that the climate change denial industry had its eyes on my Facebook Page. Long ago, my page reached millions of people and a video about the tar sands of Alberta reached nearly two million views. They don’t particularly like this type of awareness. Hence, they do whatever they can to silence climate change activists.

The primary goal of the Climate Change Guide is to spread awareness and my Facebook Page was one of my most powerful tools. With your help, if you sign and share the petition (at, then my page could be used once again to spread awareness about climate change on a regular basis.

If you learn something from this article, I hope its these points:

  • We need to improve customer service at Facebook
  • We need to improve security features for Facebook Pages
  • We need to be aware of how influential and effective climate change deniers are
  • We need to spread awareness about climate change